8 Reales (1622)

#1788: 8 Reales (1622) Cartagena. 12.479 grams / gramos. 

Obverse: Early style Habsburg shield with small escutcheon of Portugal superimposed on the arms of Castile and Leon.  Assayer A visible to right of shield.  RN mint mark for Cartagena is barely visible to the left of the shield.  Reverse: Arms of Castile & Leon, arranged in a cross.  R/L M8-1, L/R M8S-1, C&T Type 45A No.112a.


Poor condition, light weight from seawater corrosion. "Dry Tortugas" wreck.  Artifact # 91-1A 1898.0010.  Maximum diameter is 39.10 mm.  See coin 1806 for more information.