8 Reales 1680

#1836: 8 Reales 1680, Nuevo Reino. 25.927 grams / gramos. 


Obverse: quartered shield with arms of Castile and Leon in correct order.  Pomegranate at bottom of shield.  Value VIII reading upward to left of the shield. Reverse: Pillars with waves.  Assayer POGA. Not listed in R/L or L/R, C&T Type 75, number 348a.

Spanish translation
Pedro Garcia de Villanueva was assayer at Santa Fé from 1678 to December 30, 1686, and was appointed assayer again on June 23, 1687 and then held office until December 17, 1691. Barriga Volume I, pp. 93-94, 124-5.

#1836 is the only 8 reales of 1680 known for this assayer.  As far as we know, there are only two dates of Garcia 8 reales known, the 1680 here and 1690 dated pieces first published in 1878 in the Adolph Weyl sale of the Fonfrobert collection.  An image of a 1690 piece is reproduced below from Dr. Restrepo's Macuquina book for comparison purposes, it is the Fonrobert piece.

Used with permission of Dr. Restrepo

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Possibly Guttag Sale 1929 - I don't have a copy, but may be included (not under Colombia).

Spanish translation.