8 Reales 1(66)8

#1837: 8 Reales 1668, Nuevo Reino. 25.287 grams / gramos. 


Obverse: quartered shield with arms of Castile and Leon, pomegranate at bottom of shield.  Value VIII reading upward to left of the shield. Reverse: Pillars with waves.  Assayer PoRS. R/L M62-4 , L/R M62S-4, C&T Type 75, number 345.

Spanish translation

1668 date alongside right pillar.

The first and final digits of the date are partially visible.  The kings name is CAROLVS (II) who was king from 1665 - 1700, so the date can be no earlier than 1665.  1666 is the earliest known Nuevo Reino coins with the name of Charles II.  The assayer was Pedro Ramos  - PoRS worked until 1676, so that is the last year that the coin could be dated.  The only date between 1665 and 1676 that ends with an eight, is 1668.
Spanish Translation