8 Reales 16(52)

#1840: 8 Reales 16(52), PoRAS, Nuevo Reino. 25.436 grams / gramos. 


Obverse: quartered shield with arms of Castile and Leon, pomegranate at bottom of shield.   Reverse: Pillars with waves below.  NoR mintmark above the waves. PLVS ULTRA completely spelled out in three lines.  Assayer PoRAS reading upward along outside edge of left pillar. R/L M46-10, L/R M46S-10, C&T Type 102. 

Spanish translation
This is an early example of the pillars and waves design 8 reales.  Only the first two digits, 16, of the date are visible.  Based upon the style of the crowns atop the pillars the coin was stuck between the years 1651 to 1653.  In Restrepo/Lasser the assayer initials PoRAS are recorded only for 1652, so tentatively we date the coin 1652.  PLVS ULTRA is complete, with all but part of the S showing.
Spanish Translation