4 Reales (1653)

#1841: 8 Reales 1666, Nuevo Reino. 25.324 grams / gramos. 


Obverse: quartered shield with arms of Castile and Leon, pomegranate at bottom of shield.  Value VIII reading downward to right of the shield. Reverse: Pillars with waves.  Assayer PoRS. R/L type M62, L/R type M62-6, C&T Type 75. This date unlisted in all references.

Spanish translation

Charles II, Nuevo Reino 8 Reales of 1666
Unpublished and currently unique.

Nuevo Reino is the only new world mint with 1666 dated coins of Charles II.  The population of 1666 dated Charles II new world coins currently is two pieces, a beautiful 4 reales sold in Ponterio sale #112 lot # 1705, April 28, 2001 and the 8 reales illustrated here. 

The coin is weak in the area of the date, but it is certain.  The name CAROLVS is barely on the coin, but it too is certain, see image below.

Only the A of CAROLVS is visible, and it only partially.
Spanish Translation