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13-14-15 de Junio de 1988: (1) Lote 994 (8R 165x) foto [catalog text in error "1665", cannot be 1665 because of the style of crowns atop the pillars, most likely the coin is 1652 or 3]

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Christie's New York. 1989. Coins from the Wreck of H.M.S. Feversham.  New York: Private printing. [February 7, 1989 Auction.  Feversham wrecked in 1711.  Has two lots of Nuevo Reino, both coins are illustrated.]

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Craig, Alan K. 2000. Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida Collection. Gainesville, Florida: University Press of Florida. [217 pp.  At publication there were 22,009 Spanish Colonial silver coins in the State of Florida collection.  Most are Mexico and Potosi. [However, eight are from Colombia: three from Cartagena ca. 1655 and five from Nuevo Reino (Santa Fe de Bogotá).  Five of the Colombian coins are photographed, Cartagena 8R, 4R and 2R; and two Nuevo Reino 8R.  All five of these illustrated coins are of the pillars and waves design cobs.] 

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[Auction catalogs listed by sale date. All are good references for Latin America.]

14-Nov-1984: (1) Lot 563

25-Sept-1985: (2) Lots 158, 565: (Lot 16 gold.)

7-May-1986: (2) Lots 558,559

13-May-1987: (6) Lots 185,186,187,500,501,502

2-Dec-1987: (14) Lots 291,292,293,312-322

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18-May-1989: (2) lot 635 (shield type real, assayer R), lot 636 (medio real) photos.

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Fundación ICO. 1999.  El oro y la plata de las Indias en la época de los Austrias.  Madrid.  [798 pp.  Catalog prepared in conjunction with national exhibit regarding the economic and social impact on Spain, Europe and the World as a result of the importation of the wealth of of the Indies in the 16th & 17th centuries.  Profusely illustrated with portraits, photos, treasure, art and coins.]

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Lorenzo Arrocha, Jesús Manuel.  1999.  Galeón, Naufragios y Tesoros. Santa Cruz de la Palma, Canary Islands: Caja General de Ahorros de Canarias.  Número 229, Historia 31.  Gráficas Sabater, s.a. printer. [159 pp. Data on many but not all shipwrecks of the treasure fleet era, including the 1588 Armada.]

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Lyon, Eugene. 1976. "The Trouble with Treasure," National Geographic. Washington D.C.: National Geographic Society. [ June edition. pp 786 - 809. Interesting reading with many photos, including the obverse of a Nuevo Reino 8 reales recovered from the wreck.  The caption says minted 1621 but the coin is likely 1622 based on design and other coins recovered from the wreck.]

Lyon, Eugene. 1982. "Treasure From the Ghost Galleon," National Geographic. Washington D.C.: National Geographic Society. [February edition.  pp 228 - 243.  Story of the shipwrecked Santa Margarita, which sank in 1622 along with her sister ship the Atocha.  Some of the earliest made Colombian coins were recovered form this wreck. No photos of Colombian coins.]

Nesmith, Robert I. 1955.  The Coinage of the First Mint of the Americas at Mexico City 1536-1572. New York: The American Numismatic Society, Numismatic Notes and Monographs No. 131. [vii, 139 pp. plus XIII plates. Does not cover Colombia.  Excellent book on the Mexico city mint with information on mint operations and coining methods.  Nesmith provides in depth coverage of the "Carlos & Joanna" coins, which are generally round and of superior quality than the cob type coins produced later.]

Nesmith, R.I. 1958. "A Hoard of the First Silver Coins of Nuevo Reino de Granada (Colombia)," The Centennial Publication of The American Numismatic Society. New York: American Numismatic Society. [The book is 712 pp, edited by Harald Ingholt.  Nesmith article on pp. 513-530.  This article presents photos and coin details of the largest hoard of silver Colombian cobs ever discovered.  A must resource for the student of these coins.]

Numismáticos Colombianos. 2000. Remate 02 Bogotá: Private printing. [Catalog of Auction two, sponsored by Fundación Numismáticos Colombianos.  This sale included coins from the estate of the late numismatic pioneer Don Alberto Lozano Villegas.  258 lots including Colombian cobs; 2 gold, 8 silver.]

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Pellicer I Bru, Josep. 1997. Glosario de Maestros de Ceca y Ensayadores (Siglos XIII-XX). Segunda edición. Madrid.  Museo Casa de a Moneda. Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, printer. [425 pp. The best book related to assayers and mintmasters of Spanish mints. Authoritative.]

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Ponterio & Associates. Various dates. Auction Catalogs: San Diego, California.  Many auctions and heavy on Latin America, especially Mexico.  It will take a while to list them.

18 & 19 - August 1989:  Lots, (824, 828, 829, 833, 834, 835, 1642, ) plus lot 825 for which attribution is uncertain and a few lots that were not illustrated.  

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Restrepo, Dr. Jorge Emilio. 1992. "Las Primeras Monedas Colombianas" Boletin Numismatica 53.Santa Fé de Bogotá: Numismaticos Colombianos. [ Artículo acerca de las acuñaciones de 1622, descubiertas en el Atocha, y más el medio real con granada, buen fotos de 5 monedas.  Article on 1622 issues, from the Atocha, plus the half real with pomegranate design, good photos of 5 coins.]

Restrepo, Dr. Jorge Emilio & Lasser, Joseph R. 1998.  Macuquinas de Colombia (The Cobs of Colombia, South America). Medellín: Private printing. [This is the best book on the subject.  If you want to acquire this or any of Dr. Restrepo's books please send me an email.]

Restrepo, Dr. Jorge Emilio. 2001. "Novedades Numismáticas" Numis-Notoas No. 96. Medellín, Colombia: Circulo Numismático Antioqueño. p. 2 [ Artículo acerca macuquinas descubrimientas de 1671 PoRS 8R, 1680 PoGa 4R. fotos.  Article on discovered cobs of 1671 PoRS 8R and 1680 PoGa 4R.]

Restrepo, Dr. Jorge Emilio. 2001. "Nuestra Portada" Numis-Notoas No. 96. Medellín, Colombia: Circulo Numismático Antioqueño. p. 3 [ Artículo acerca descubrimienta de 1721 ensayador A un real, foto.  Article on a cob of 1721 assayer A one real, photo.]

Schuckmann, Siegfried von.  See Cayón.

Schulman Coin & Mint, Inc. 1972.  Spanish Galleon Treasure. New York: Private printing. [Novenber 27, 28, 29 - 1972 Auction of 1715 Plate fleet coins and artifacts.  Has Colombian gold cobs, but no silver cobs.  Catalog is important as the first public sale of 1715 material.]

Schulman Coin & Mint, Inc. 1974. Gold & Silver Coins of the Spanish World from the "Maravilla" sunk in 1656 & from the Spanish Plate Fleet perished in 1715...  New York: Private printing. [December 2, 3, 4 - 1974 Auction.   Has one lot of Colombian silver, Cartagena 8 Reales with inferred date of (1655) which is the cover coin on the catalog, also has Colombian gold cobs.  Also has a 62 pound silver bar from Potosí.]

Sedwick, Daniel and Frank 1995. The Practical Book of Cobs. Orlando: Private printng. [3rd edition.  130 pp. This is the first book on cobs that the collector should buy.  Great introduction to the subject and often used handbook.  Full of valuable information for the beginner and a great reference for the expert, really.  Includes a general pricing guide.]

Sedwick, 1985. "In Search of Colombian Cobs," The Numismatist. Colorado Springs, Colorado: American Numismatic Organization. [July edition, article on pp1312 to 1323.  Many photos.]

Spink America. 1997. Public Auction catalog "The Norweb Collection of Brazilian, Bolivian, Colombian and Chilean Coins New York, Monday, 3 March and Tuesday, 4 March 1997" New York. [14 lots of Colombian gold cobs, including a 1622 dated 2 escudos of Cartagena.]

Superior Galleries, New York. 1989. The Jascha Heifetz Collection Sale, Part 2. Beverly Hills, CA. Private printing. [Dec. 9,10, 1989 Auction catalog. Includes Paul Karon Collection of Latin America coins. Includes two lots of Nuevo Reino silver cobs, lots 725 & 726.  Lot 725 is a fabulous 1653 real plated in Restrepo/Lasser as M23-1.  The same coin is pedigreed from Ponterio June 8,-9, 1984 lot 386 and Christiansen Dec 8-9, 1979 lot 1078.]

Superior Galleries, New York. 1992.  Paul Karon Collection of 8 Escudos and other Classic Latin American Coinage. Beverly Hills, CA: Private printing. [Has one Colombian gold cob, 1744 - 8 escudos and one Colombian silver cob, 1622 - 2 reales.]

Superior Stamp & Coin, Beverly Hills, CA. 1997.  The New York International Numismatic Convention Auction" Beverly Hills, CA: Private printing. [Auction catalog for sale dates Dec 5,6, 1997 in New York. Has 27 lots of  Colombian gold cobs, and 11 lots of Colombian silver cobs of the pillars and waves design, an outstanding collection.]

Swiss Bank Corporation. 1988. Coins of Peru Zürich: Swiss Bank Corporation. [Ernesto Sellschopp Collection.  Cataloged by Freeman Craig Jr.  Auction catalog, 1356 lots,  Sale dates were 14/15 September 1988.  There are no Colombian coins, but catalog is a great reference for cobs.]

Swiss Bank Corporation. 1991. Collection of Spanish Colonial and Spanish Coins, Auction 27. Zürich: Swiss Bank Corporation. [Emilio Ortiz Collection.  Cataloged by Freeman Craig Jr.  Auction catalog.  Has 13 lots of Colombian cobs, 9 gold and 4 silver, all nice coins.]

Weyl, Adolph. 1878. "Die Jule Fonrobert'sche Sammlung überseeischer Münzen und Medaillen".  Amerika. II Abtheilung: Central-Amerika. a) Mexiko.  Berlin: J.A. Stargardt. reprinted 1974 Lawrence Massachusetts: Quarterman Publications, Inc. [Auction catalog with annotations for the Jules Fonrobert collection of non-european coins, this catalog in particular is for Mexico, Central America, South America and Caribbean.  Useful for the specialist in tokens and medals, included here as first publication of two Nuevo Reino silver cobs, 1688 two reales Pedro Garcia and 1690 eight reales Pedro Garcia, the 8 reales is illustrated with an engraving.  Lots 7368 & 7369 listed under Nicaragua.]

Yriarte, José de, y López-Chavez, Leopoldo. 1965 Catálogo de los Reales de a Ocho Españoles. Madrid: Editorial Iber-Amer, S.A.